Swiss Watches: Choose Best Swiss Watches from Audemars Piguet and Mido Watches

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replica watches sale

Audemars Piguet Jules Audemars GMT Watches

Audemars Piguet joint the GMT watches this year, this classic series showing its honor to the Brand Founder, excepting the basic self-winding and complicated lunar phases watches, it took the chance to launch this Audemars Piguet Jules Audemars GMT Watch. Circle round watchcase with streamlined watch bezel, the date, Power Reserve and the second time zone time display on the dial can be seen clearly at a glance, at the same time there is no lack of the high sense of lightness and free from vulgarity again of the Jules Audemars series. At the left of the second time zone there is a day and night time indicator which is very practical. At the Global Age more and more people go from all over the world because of business or travel, this Audemars Piguet Jules Audemars GMT Watch is undoubtedly revealing the spirit of advancing with the times.

MIDO Multifort M005.830.11.031.00 Neutral Mechanical Watch

A watch with contracted and atmospheric round dial is surely loved by both men and women, particularly those fashionable and capable and experienced women, which is simple to read the time and calendar. Absolutely MIDO Multifort M005.830.11.031.00 Neutral Mechanical Watch is the economic and practical one among a plenty of watches. In 1934, the birth of Multifort series had achieved a milestone in the history of Mido. As its name, this timer has a strong performance and has received high praise and recognition. MIDO Multifort acquired the inspiration from the grand and magnificent feeling of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, through the study of material properties and the extensive use of all kinds of material being specially dealt, MIDO developed the world’s first watch that has four advantages of combining the automatic winding, the waterproof, antimagnetic and shockproof, and has created the MIDO Multifort series classic appearance of reliable and strong traveltime and able to withstand the test, and also made MIDO Multifort series become the synonymous of high quality and rigorousness.

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Swiss Watches: How to Choose Piaget Watches

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replica luxury watches

Piaget Altiplano Double Jeu

Looking from the side profile of this Piaget watch, we could divide this watch into two layers, and we can open the upper layer through a button at 3 o’clock. The double crowns are set separately at 2 and 4 o’clock. The white gold crown is branded with Piaget’s logo. In addition, the new Altiplano Double Jeu has a beautiful belt that is made of alligator skin. The buckle is easy to use and Piaget’s logo is branded on it. Lug is thin and fits your wrist, thus appearing to be thinner than you thought it might be. The upper layer of the case is a white golden bezel with a silver-coated dial. The black, thin hands are quite graceful.

Piaget Altiplano Quartz watch

Piaget Altiplano Quartz watch has long lug, and the straight lines with obvious angles replaces the domed lug, but it completely fits your wrist and appears to be thinner. The dial inherits Piaget’s simplicity as it has the white, domed, golden dial, the black and thin hand. Graceful and simple as well.

The case back of the Piaget Altiplano Quartz watch is sealed tightly. Although Piaget Altiplano Quartz watch has a Piaget 690 quartz movement, we could still sense Piaget’s brilliant skills. The 18k white gold case of this Piaget watch gives us a unique feel, while the screw pattern makes it fashionable. To measure the value of a watch, the dial is an important part in addition to the movement. The dial in the watch making process takes up a great deal of work, and the excellent inserting skill could make that watch perfect. This white gold gem-setting Piaget Altiplano Quartz watch appears to be its best form and its shape follow the trend of fashion, which makes it definitely a good woman watch. Also check rolex replicas swiss made if you are looking for more choices on buying cheap Swiss watches.

Swiss Watches Reviews on Patek Philippe Watches

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swiss replica watches

World Timer and Moon Phase—5575 and 7175

In this 175 anniversary, Patek Philippe has the world timer chronograph which never happens in the 150th anniversary. World timer chronograph watches have important place on Patek Philippe’s products and until 1959 did the Patek Philippe got the patent. 5130, 5131 and 7130 are the most important members in this family.

Chronograph 5975 and 4674

As a common functions as well as the most complicated function that Patek Philippe stresses on, chronograph is something that could not miss. But this time, it does not have the classic chronograph mode that you could find on 5170 and 5950. Instead, Patek Philippe carved a new way and then the combination of speed measurement, range measurement, and pulse measurement.

From 2005 to 2012, Patek Philippe had developed 8 similar movements. Although they are based on the chronograph movement, chronograph has reduced and added more functions that could be played.

Color Art

What’s more, Patek Philippe also promoted 15 art watches, 7 pocket watches and 4 base o’clock. Among them 15 are ended with number 5089 and can be categorized into four categories and three techniques to depict the scene of Geneva Lake. Fifteen watches have white gold case and are fitted with Patek Philippe’s automatic winding mvoements—Cal.240, but the only pity is the watches whose case back are branded with 1839-2014, are all sealed and could not see the inside movement.

It is embedded with Calibre 300 GS AL 36-750 QIS FUS IRM movement that could perform functions like, minute repeater, energy reserve display, double time zone, moon phase, year display and leap year display. Important data: it has an amazing 1366 components in the movement and 214 components in the case; it took seven years to develop and 2 years to produce; only 7 watches are produced: six come to the market and the rest one is reserved in Patek Philippe’s museum.

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Swiss Watches: Reviews on the Tag Heuer Watch Movement

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tag heuer replica watches

All Tag Heuer self-winding movements are all following the great tradition of Swiss watchmakers and are made in Switzerland, and conform to the extremely harsh accuracy standards. The vibration frequency of the movement is very high (from 21600 times per hour to Calibre 36 movement of 36000 times, Calibre 360 even up to 360, 000 times per hour), to ensure excellent machinery precision. Tag heuer has many automatic chain movement that have won the certification of Swiss government observatory (C.O.S.C.), which is the most authoritative certification on accuracy and reliability.

Tag Heuer Belt drive movement

Monaco V4 adopts the Belt drive movement in the wrist watch for the first time.

In 2009, with the successful invention of the belt drive system, tag heuer overturns the tabulation technology of the basic law again and what revolutionary changes it brought are two innovative technologies. First one replace the traditional mechanical movement with 5 the toothed belt of relay drive. The second innovation is recreating the traditional circular chain system with the avant-garde design. Linear pendulum no longer USES the rotation of the usual ways, but move up and down along the v-shaped clockwork box circuit, which is echoing with the design of the car engine with high performance.

The next one is the Calibre S movement. Calibre S movement through the two-way system provides innovative timing and reading methods. This two-way system on the mechanical structure is relatively independent, but keep pace while running, and has the characteristics of accurate, practical and elegant. This movement perfectly combines the precision and complexity of the mechanical watch making of the quartz technology. Calibre S was the first of a new generation of analog meter pointer developed for centuries, which was composed of about 250 parts, and reflected the halfback tabulation tradition of Tag Heuer pursues. Or you can also check panerai replica swiss movement for more choices.

Swiss Watches: Reviews on Hublot King Power Paris Saint-Germain Watch

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hublot knockoff

Hublot’s ability to make its watches a dominant and significant mark of superior status can clearly be seen in the hublot king Power Paris Saint-Germain. Not just the stunning outlook, but the features included are pretty advanced and top of the line when it comes to the King Power Paris Saint-Germain. Keeping the amazing case aside, the other features being offered are even more awesome. Most luxury watches do are only show and no durability. Each and every gorgeous timepiece in this series is totally guaranteed to be exactly what it promises. It is highly durable, offers smooth and efficient working and the automatic movements are to die for.

Although just the automatic movements make it an amazing product, but it is not even half the reason of why this watch is awesome. The hublot king Power Paris Saint-Germain offers you a very attractive combination of top of the range engineering techniques, and beautifully created designs. Event the wrapping cases are available in wide varieties, in different but amazing materials. You can choose as per your tastes out of gold, titanium, and zirconium a lot more amazing choices to look into.

Some very rare and limited edition watches in the king Power Paris Saint-Germain line include the Mexico rose gold which is extremely beautiful with its various color contrasts and bold designing. It is nothing less of a masterpiece. so, albeit the bill might put a little dent in your budget, the hublot king Power Paris Saint-Germain totally makes up for every cent you spare, with its sheer beauty, awesome quality and the thrill of owning it. For the hublot king Power Paris Saint-Germain , there is only limited edition of 200 pieces, and it is features Sapphire with Anti-reflective Treatment,  case of Microblasted Black Ceramic, bezel of Microblasted Black Ceramic and Black Rubber and Sapphire Dial.

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Rolex Watches: How to Know It Fake or Authentic?

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daytona rolex replica

When you get a watch or you are going to buy a watch, maybe what you care the most is whether this watch is fake or authentic, so you are figuring out different ways to identify this watch including to see its diamond content, gold content, or its rear case of the watch. Here, there is other ways to identify your Rolex watch, that is to identify the watch glass!

There are three kinds of watches glasses currently: organic glass, quartz glass and sapphire crystal glass. What is easily confused and difficult to distinguish is between quartz glass and sapphire crystal glass, both have very big difference in quality and price. Sapphire crystal glass once regarded as “never wear glass”, and has now changed to ” not easy to wear glass”. It is about dozens of times the price of ordinary quartz glass, therefore, only in the high-end watches will the sapphire crystal glass be used.

In the absence of testing instrument, you can use a simple method to distinguish between ordinary quartz glass and sapphire crystal glass. Put a drop of water on the glass surface of your watch, and then put them standing, all that water ball does not scatter can be identified as sapphire crystal glass, on the other hand, those water flowing down the plane ordinarily can be regarded as quartz glass.

All imported Swiss watches, its movements are made from Swiss. If you discover the movement is made from Japan, China or other countries, the watch is fake and inferior products. All imported Japanese watch, its movement must be made in Japan. If you discover the movement is from Swiss or other countries, the watch also must be a fake and inferior product. For the domestic watches, the movements are very miscellaneous, including Switzerland, Japan and domestic movements, consumers must pay attention to: some counterfeiters use some fake movement in a wristwatch.

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Accuracy Guarantee: Reviews on Rolex Watches

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rolex submariner replica

Rolex all the watches will be fully applied to the latest daily error -2/ 2 seconds of internal high precision testing standards

Rolex is synonymous with superior quality and noble example;And in the meaning of Rolex for watches, oyster watch is no doubt a thick and heavy in colors .Accuracy, waterproof, perpetual energy, reliability,the four principles, passed on from generation to generation in old and new oyster watches,the innovation works impact the pulse of the world watches again and again.

Rolex has no compromise on the insistence of accuracy.Since 1970, the number of watches that have Swiss official Observatory certification is the first every year.And all have passed the COSC in the Biel and Saint-Imier laboratory accreditation movement,after sent back to Rolex factory and put in to watches,they will go through a more stringent internal testing procedure as a supplement of COSC certification.This is the meaning of those words on the watches「Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified」.

Although this rigorous internal testing procedures have been used for many years, butRolex has never officially announced the details of this internal testing procedures.According to foreign media reports, Rolex to build a set of the most advanced equipment and certification procedures in the factory to detect the completion watches.Including the simulation of real test items,Rolex said, the purpose of this test can simulate the actual state of the watches when be worn in real life environment.In addition, this automatic detection program can also detect the watch’s ability of waterproof,automatic chain function and dynamic storage to confirm the reliability and durability of all watches, as well as the ability to withstand force and impact force.And now the daily error of -2/ 2 seconds of ultra high precision will be the latest standard for this internal testing procedures,it not only beyond the daily error of -4/ +6s COSC certification,at the same time, it also goes beyond the daily error of -3/ +5s GS certification. Rolex makes more efforts to produce more precious watches. Buy fake rolex now!

Swiss Watches: Why do men wear watches?

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rolex yachtmaster replica watches

Reasons for wearing a watch: a kind of safety

Some people say that I buy watches because I drive a long time every day, watches are more convenient and safe for reading time. It’s easy to understand. It’s really convenient and safe to take a look at your hand while driving. Some people would ask, “we already have a cell phone for telling time, why do men wear watches?” For men, wearing watches not only for reading time, but also for a taste of fashion. In western movies, almost all men wear watches.

Why do successful men like to wear watches?

In fact, men’s carry on objects are always practical, such as lighters, hats, belts, glasses…

These can also be said to be men’s ornaments. Watch, however, is one of the best and most valuable accessories for a person, especially a man, it also reflects the worth of a man. Wearing a watch first gives the impression that this person cares about time and is a man of great efficiency. Once a man gives such a feeling, then in dealing with people, it will make people trust him, and the chance of success will increase.

Watches are different from clothing, for which it can reflect the unique taste of men. Good brand watches have exquisite workmanship and elegant shape.

Successful men like wearing watches. Watches can make men more masculine. If the man with a golden necklace, how does he look like? The prodigal? The nouveau riche? Or?

Wearing a watch, especially the rolex daytona swiss replica, can not only show your economic strength, but also reflect your taste. It is reserved and unobtrusive. It is just perfect to give you infinite grace, temperament and confidence. A further problem that when putting on the watch, at that time, men who wear watches will have a sense of pressure, which will make them more advanced. And the man who wears the watch gives a feeling of being safe without impetuosity.

Rolex Watches: Reviews on Rolex Daydate 228206-83416

rolex presidential day date replica
rolex presidential day date replica

In 1956, the Rolex Day-Date made its debut. Available only in 18 ct gold or platinum, it was the first wristwatch to display the date and day of the week spelt out in full in a window on the dial. With the President bracelet, originally created specially for it, the Day-Date continues to be the watch par excellence of influential people.

Version: 228206-83416
Movement: automatic movement

Watch case material: 950 platinum

Watch band material: 950 platinum, President bracelet, three solid link

Watch case diameter: 40mm

Comments of the watch: date and calendar watches are made of gold or platinum all the time. They are not only the signs of excellence and fame, but also the symbol of Rolex top watchmaking crafts. Rolex launched the new generation Oyster Perpetual DayDate watch, which is a combination of high technology and traditional knowledge. Those watchmakers of Rolex integrated the new design into this prestigious watch, including 40mm watch case,a series well-designed new watch dial. On the basis of the traditional effect of solar rays, Rolex added in a slim laser etched pattern, creating a delicate and beautiful effect. The combination of Rome digital hour markers and individual accessories all highlight the masculine aura of this attractive watch. The Rolex Daydate 228206-83416 watch was equipped with the new generation 3235 movement that made by Rolex completely, showing the extraordinary chronograph level. The automatic upper chain mechanical movement is the pinnacle of watchmaking technology. The movement has 14 patents. In terms of power reserve, precision, quakeproof, antimagnetic, convenience and credibility, it is very excellent, perfectly showing the high technology of Rolex.

In the latest Rolex watches, Oyster Perpetual is no doubt the most dazzling words. Oyster perpetual series function is reliable and accurate time display, which is essence of the oyster concept. The quality of its performance and its unique temperament attract many watch lovers. Rolex 3255 mechanism movement was born, too. Today’s three watches are Rolex’s best in the series in this year’s show, which perfectly inherited the legend of Rolex watchmaking.

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Swiss Watches: Reviews on Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Watch

Every year on the Basel International Watch and Jewelery Show on March, it is a grand overview of the annual new event, as new exhibition is dazzling, it is memorable. In the enjoyment of new products, in addition to exclaim the amazing process of sophistication and exquisiteness, there are always some works that win the praise for the simple and pure design, the continuation of the classic elements and clear time reading may be the reason why they are “favored”. This article will take you to have some reviews on one of the replica luxury watches that feature the simple design.

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Watch

Watch model:

Movement type: automatic mechanical movement

Case Material: Stainless steel

Strap Material: leather strap

Case Diameter: 41mm

Watch reviews: Omega new Seamaster series calendar watch after the new interpretation, it debuts in the2017 Basel senior watch show with the new posture, the new work is simpler and more atmospheric. Compared to the earlier design, the most significant change in the new watch is the “teak concept” dial vertical texture has been changed into the horizontal texture, the visual is more elegant, in addition, the date window position in the 3 o’clock position was changed to 6 o’clock position, a new Symmetrical beauty jumps on the disk. If you observe it carefully, it is not difficult to find that the waterproof coefficient words on the watch dial of the previous Seamaster watch have been moved to the back of the case, which is simpler and introverted. The watch is equipped with Omega COCS automatic winding mechanical movement, in the strict standards of measurement, this Swiss watch has achieved a high degree of accuracy.

This Omega watch is simple, introverted, low-key, in line with the pursuit of people nowadays on the simple style, no matter what kind of dress collocation, it can show the elegance and fashion.